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At Bebelac, we believe love and care can help when looking after your little ones. The Bebelac Junior GUM stage 3 comes in a wave of innovation to the growing up milk with Nutri 7in1: a revised functional stamp with a new packaging. This nutritionally complete formula contains the 7 essential nutrients calcium, iron, omega 3, prebiotics, Vitamins C&D and Zinc, gentle on the tummy and supports your child’s growth and development; all in one pack!

Along with physical, cognitive and emotional development, social development is an important domain of childhood development that may impact current and future outcomes. Proper nutrition is a vital factor that can help ensure healthy social development of infants.

Bebelac Junior Growing Up Formula with Nutri 7-in-1 contains:

Features & Details

  • Original Bebelac Growing Up formula in a new look
  • Nutri 7in1 – combining our blend of the 7 essential nutrients
  • Our patented blend of GOS/FOS & Zinc for digestion
  • Omega-3 (DHA) & Iron support brain development
  • Calcium supporting strong bones
  • Essential Vitamins C&D for supporting growth and iron absorption

Did you know that 64% of children (1-5 years old) in UAE suffer from iron deficiency anemia?

Children with IDA are at risk for long-lasting developmental disadvantage. This may result in learning difficulties at school, poor concentration, and weak social interactions, impacting their future later on.

Bebelac Junior Nutri 7in1 – Building Tomorrow with Today’s Iron!

BEBELAC offers complete nutrition for your child

Now, that your child is 3 years old, different nutrients are needed to support their growth and development. Bebelac Junior Growing up Milk Stage 4 with Nutri 7 in 1 offers your toddler the precise nutrition, tailored for each stage of their development, providing them with Iron & Omega 3 for brain development, blend of GOS/FOS & Zinc for digestion and healthy gut flora, Calcium supporting strong bones, and vitamins C&D for supporting growth and iron absorption

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